About Me

I am a Web Developer and technology enthusiast who has been developing web applications since I was 15 years old. From server-side to client-side, I enjoy all things regarding the Web. I primarily enjoy building great User Experiences and architecting well-structured, easily maintainable code-bases. My expertise lies in JavaScript and CSS3 as well as UIX development.

Technical Skills

Like: mysql, php, javascript, node.js, c#, mongodb, redis, linux, bash, angularjs, vagrant, amazon-web-services, docker

Dislike: ruby, coffescript


Front-end Engineer, Disciplr (David C Cook), October 2014 – Current

angularjs, javascript, less, gruntjs, bower, gulp, typescript, auth0

Lead Architect and UX developer. Architected AngularJS application from scratch, rapidly implemented designs, setup continuous integration, and built server infrastructure.

Key development components involved implemented a GruntJS build system, then moving to a Gulp build system to improve build time and better customization. Migrated to TypeScript to prepare for Angular 2 migration, also improving code quality via identification of bugs at compile-time.

Project Url: https://disciplr.com

Front-end Developer, Pushup Social, December 2013 – October 2014

typescript, javascript, knockout.js, css3, node.js, grunt

While working at Pushup Social I have begun to utilize a large amount of various technologies, specifically in the JavaScript realm. These include heavy utilization of the grunt task runner in direction correlation with the Jenkins build process.

I have also helped architect and build a TypeScript MVVM framework for private use across both Pushup Social's desktop client and administration console.

Project Url: https://pushup.com

Lead Developer, Black Fire Development, June 2007 – December 2013

php, javascript, cakephp, mysql

While I was self-employed, DBA Black Fire Web Development, I developed and maintained custom web-based software for clients. This included designing UI and managing database structures and integration. I began this when I was 15 years old.

During this time I developed two major web applications: a Library administration console and a CCG social platform. My duties also involved leading sales and technical support.


High-School, Homeschool, 2004 – 2011

  • Eagle Scout for Boy Scouts of America
  • GPA: 3.96
  • ACT: 30

Began self-teaching programming which included starting my own web development company. Through this I created my largest project: a Library Administration console.

Projects & Interests

Stack Overflow, http://stackoverflow.com/users/633513, February 2011 - Current

Written 31 answers. Active in jquery and javascript.

GitHub - generator-dcc-wordpress, https://github.com/DavidCCook/generator-dcc-wordpress, February 2015

javascript, php, less, grunt

Yeoman generator for David C Cook's wordpress theme development workflow.

Creator/maintainer. Developed to help David C Cook's internal wordpress development workflow.

GitHub - DojoCake, https://github.com/LordZardeck/DojoCake, October 2013

This project was designed to utilize CakePHP's jsEngine capabilities and provided an interface through that to the Dojo Toolkit. The goal was to make enhancing administrative applications with enterprise functionality simple to implement.

Created the project and solely developed it.

Redemption Connect!, http://redemptionconnect.com/

php, javascript, mysql

Learn how to play the game of Redemption. Read stratigies used by other players and familarize yourself with common deck styles.

Sole Developer


LESS vs SASS - Why to Use Them and Which to Use

LESS vs SASS: Why we should use them, and which one should you use?

Object Oriented Programming (OOP) in PHP: The Class

Dojo Cake

UPDATE All tutorials and reference material is now being offically moved to the project's wiki page. You can find the wiki via our google project page, or directly from here.


Favorite Editor: SublimeText, WebStorm, VisualStudio 2013